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Broiler Barn

Barn Size: 320’ x 62’ OD with a 36’ x 12’ office area

Production Space: 19,425 sq feet 

35,000 birds @ 0.55 sq feet per bird with a maximum weight of 1.8 kgs

Conventional ventilation capacity: 140,000 cfm

Tunnel capacity: 335,000 cfm ( one air change every 40 seconds )

Wall Construction:  Enersip™ insulated ( R24.7 ) structural wall panel complete with a .040 FRP liner in 24’ x 8’ sections. The panel is set onto a 2’ x 10” internally-insulated concrete wall for an outside wall height of 10’6” and 14’6” in centre.

Roof Construction: 32” on-centre rafters with 1.6 per 12 inside pitch and 3.75 per 12 outside pitch.  The ceiling is lined with Royal Ag Liner™ PVC, with hidden fastening hardware.

Ventilation System: Envirotech Ag System-designed MTT ( minimum, transitional, tunnel ) system with Fancom F38™ Climate computer which controls ventilation, heating, cooling and lights ( with a lux measurement  feedback unique to Fancom ).  Fancom features influences to ventilation based on humidity and static pressure, as well as temperature. There are three inlet zones and three heating zones to compensate for temperature differentials within the room.  Exhaust air is measured using the Fancom Exevent™ system which maintains calculated airflow regardless of external wind or temperature.  The Exevent system monitors airflow precisely so as to reduce the “chimney effect” when using supplemental heat to maintain room temperatures. The Exevent system will also switch into Natuflow™ mode to reduce energy costs when a sufficient chimney effect exists.

MTT™ is a unique Fancom control strategy that gradually switches from the conventional power ventilation ( using chimney fans and ceiling inlets ) to the tunnel system using tunnel doors and gable end fans for maximum cooling effect ( due to the “windchill” effect ).  By moving air at only 350 fpm ( 1.8 m/s ), we are able to achieve a 13°C effective drop in temperature without using evaporative cooling.  Cooling cells can provide additional cooling when the temperature exceeds 35°C or reduce the overall ventilation rate if outside conditions ( ie: low enough humidity ) exist to adequately maintain set point temperatures.

Tunnel Doors: An Envirotech innovation which features four 36” x 36’ insulated tunnel doors ( R11 ) with a rack-and-pinion opening system with potentiometer feedback to allow for precise positioning.  The door has triple bulb seals for an airtight seal when not in use, which is superior to a curtain system with less R-value and lots of air leakage.

Heating: Six Reflecto-Ray vacuum radiant systems feature insulated tubes at burner sections to facilitate even heat distribution throughout the length of the system.  A sealed system for both combustion air intake and exhaust, the Reflecto-Ray system does not allow harmful by-products to enter the production area.  Energy savings ( ie: reduced gas consumption ) are considerably higher than in convection systems ( hot water or direct-fired units ) due to the radiant advantage of heating square feet and not cubic feet.

Cooling: Supplemental cooling is achieved by using Chore-Time TurboCool™ Evaporative Cooling pads.  Cooling pads use less water to achieve the same cooling effect compared to high or low pressure misting systems.  Cooling pads also do not allow an excess of humidity on the cool side of the cell since it totally relies on evaporation, whereas high pressure misting can drive humidity levels all the way to saturation point.

Feeding: Chore-Time Revolution™ system with 12-spoke pans using the Accu-Click flood control.  The Revolution system allows for flooding of the feed pans without having to set the pans on the floor.  The Broiler barn has four feed lines with four pans per 10’ length, with a total of 480 pans.  Chore-Time’s unique Multilift electric winching system makes adjustment of height as simple a flicking a switch.

Watering: Chore-Time’s Reliaflow™ watering system with ( 8 ) lines @ 300’ and 10” spacing and 2880 total available nipples, and a Medimix tank and Dosatron™ medicators with bypass. The water consumption is metered and fed into the Fancom F42 feed/wheat blending computer. The F42 then calculates a Feed:Water ratio, notifying the operator when parameters exceed preset levels.

Feed Blending:  The Fancom F42.1 blending computer allows the user to blend up to ( 5 ) ingredients and ( 10 ) different blend tables. The F42 is primarily used for blending wheat and complete feed so as to achieve greater feed savings, particularly closer to the end of batch cycle. The F42 also tracks the water consumption to calculate a feed:water ratio, which is a good indicator of flock performance, particularly in hot weather.  All feed is weighed using the BU 70 continuous batch weigher.

Bird Weighing: The Fancom F47 bird weigher is a single house weighing system that can use either one or two scales to measure the bird’s weight. What sets the F47 apart from all other weighers is the use of a self-generating growth curve to calculate what consists of a good measurement or not; the higher the number of weighings and the greater the accuracy of the each individual measurement, the more representative of the actual average bird weight in the house. Fancom’s system uses a unique “cloud” statistical method to determine the “real growth.” A user-defined growth curve is used strictly for comparison purposes only. The end result is a difference of as little as 20 grams per bird between what the scales show at the end of the cycle and what shows up on the kill sheet.

Contactor Control Panel: Envirotech designed and supplied the 36” x 60” contactor panel which controls all on-off fans, heaters, cooling pumps, tunnel doors, lighting and feeding.  The system made extensive use of three phase fans where available. Three phase fans operate more efficiently, have less maintenance (due to lack of start capacitors) and lead to better load balancing.  Fans are protected from “single phasing” and reduced circuit breaker costs because only ( 2 ) breakers are required for all the equipment in the barn.  The panel also features manual overrides for all equipment and a thermostatically controlled cooling fan.