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A modern, enriched cage system for housing commercial layers, the VolMaxx system from Jansen Poultry Equipment is designed to comply with the most recent European regulations for poultry rearing.  It is a more-tier system that allows for private nesting, group perching and foraging.  It optimizes space in poultry houses by utilizing 22% more living area compared to other enriched cages, which results in a lower investment cost per bird.



House size 50' x 300'

VolMaxx 6 tiers and 4 rows at 72 in2 per bird = 108,864 birds

The equivalent of 39% more birds than a traditional cage system

Each individual section is 2.40 x 2.08 m






Each section includes:

An integrated chain feeding system accessible from both sides

  • An integrated chain feeding system accessible from both sides

  • A nipple-drinking line with nine nipples and dripcups

  • Professional laying nest for optimal egg quality

  • Scratch mats with feed drop spots

  • Various perching tubes

  • Twin-World slats to minimize the risk of red mite

  • Integrated low-resistance manure drying tubes

The system can be extended with:

  • Automatic egg collection and cross conveyor belts

  • Manure cross belts

  • Control platforms or inspection lorries (depending on height)