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Better Air

Chimney Ventilation is especially useful for barns where holes in concrete or block walls are problematic or when barns in close proximity need to avoid exhausting into each other.  Better Air has designed a complete chimney ventilation package including chimney fans, dampers, round exhaust tubes, roof sealers, and top discharge cones.  Chimneys are direct drive and available with Multi-fan or Ziehl fans, while wall fans come with auto-tensioners.  Discharge cones prevent snow and rain from entering at minimum or maximum air flow.  

Fiberglass tunnel fans are the newest addition to the Better Air ventilation lineup.  They resist expansion and contraction normally associated with temperature fluctuations. 


Big Dutchman

The CL-1200 wall inlet is available in four different versions according to wall thickness and does not require additional support in the wall due to its rigidity.  The inlets can be opened simultaneously or one after another by the operating unit to ensure more stable air streams.  A stainless steel spring controls the insulated inlet flap, which precisely directs air depending on the season through the opening.

The CL-600 is an air exhaust system with high performance and low energy consumption due to its aerodynamic design.  It offers a variety of components to suit a wide range of installation needs; components include: colour variety, available rain cover, fan couplings, dual extension sections and water discharge couplings, use as below-floor ventilation.