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Poultry Production - Feed and Watering Systems

 The most critical part of any bird operation is the feeding and watering to maintain a healthy flock and to maximize profits.


Feed Systems

Big Dutchman

The Unigrow 360 is a patented feeding system that allows for the adjustment of the feed levels with a simple turn of a crank. Properly controlled feed levels can get a bird to market three to four days early.

The Fluxx Broiler Feeding System provides a large, 360o flood of feed at the edge of the pan, increasing accessibility.  The feeders winch off the floor when a flooding pan is no longer needed and the feed adjust returns to the preset grow-out position, which reduces feed volume per pan and provides easy access to the feed.

See also Big Dutchman Broiler feeding and watering systems and Big Dutchman Turkey feeding and watering systems for more information on products we carry.




Chore-Time offers a complete system allowing for customized feeding from the bin complete with “auger flex” to the flock - from chicks to market-size birds. Strong plastic pans come with twist break-down for easy cleaning and simple flow regulation to control feed.

The C2 Plus Broiler Feeder provides superior perimeter flooding to minimize feed waste and provide consistent access to fresh feed.  It is an extremely durable broiler feeder with a variety of models to choose from to suit your management needs.

The new Revolution Pan uses the Rotary Gate - a system of two cones, one inside and one outside of the feeder – to flood the pan with feed in a manner that is visible to the poults, attracting them to the feeder.  Flood levels can be adjusted up or down, even when the feeder is raised off the floor.  The Revolution pan has a scalloped rim to make it comfortable for poults to feed and reduces feed waste.   



The F38 Poultry computer takes care of accurate dosing of feed and water based on pulses or time.  The built-in alarm checks the flow, maximum running time, bridge forming and leaks to create problem-free feed and water dosing.  The F38 saves stock and consumption data in its memory and helps keep feed costs in check.  It will also provide efficient ventilation, heating and lighting control.

The 743 feed computer controls the weigher/mixer. It delivers the feed where required and is automatically adjusted to suit age and number of birds

The FWB is a completely automatic, programmable feed weigher and ideal for feeding, dosing, automatic mixing and adding supplements. The FWBU gives you complete control over the feeding by controlling up to six augers and 16 dosing valves, switching over feed bins automatically, controlling the light and connecting to your PC for complete records.


Feed Bins

Chore-Time re-invented the feed bin for the next generation, with the All-Out System for a new industry standard. The shaker plate ensures first in-first out for fresh feed. The Spring-Lock lid and Hydro-Shield allows positive seal and less water on the hopper. Greater capacity is achieved through the 40o roof slant.





Watering Systems


Chore-Time's nipple drinking system for broiler breeders has straight pin nipples that birds can trigger from day one and a patented “saddle to pipe” process - no glue - no o-rings. The “Big Button” system has nipples three times the diameter of straight pin nipples and holds four times the water. This system is ideal for broilers of any age or size, with easy operation, better bird starts and reduced maintenance costs.



 Ziggity Systems Inc.

Only Ziggity can offer you the benefits of the Broiler Disk Watering system, the Hi - Flow catch cup system, or the twin lock Ziggity floor watering system. The broiler disc system is proven to increase water consumption while reducing the time birds spend activating nipples. Hi - Flow catch cup system incorporates the patented two-stage metering so drinkers have the ability to achieve twice the flow rate when triggered properly. The Ziggity floor watering system is ideal for lines less than 200’ and utilizes the two-stage metering pin while incorporating the unique concave trigger pin.  All Ziggity systems use the low pressure/high volume flush regulator.


Lubing Systems

The FeatherSoft Nipple system allows the broiler producer to choose between several types of nipples to best meet the production needs.  The nipples have 360o side action triggering to encourage the best beginning from day-old birds and exact water metering that depends on the age and height of the birds.  The raised water entry point inside the pipe prevents sediments from entering the nipple assembly.  The system does not include o-rings, seals or steel balls, thereby reducing problems and providing trouble-free performance.  The one and two-arm LitterGards help prevent water spillage and improve litter conditions.