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Your animals perform better in a good climate
Your results depend on the climate in your animal buildings. The right climate is beneficial to the growth and health of your animals and saves you costs for feed, water and energy. Precisely why Fancom develops and produces climate controllers, air inlet systems, fans and chimneys. A complete package to create the ideal climate in each situation

Proven concepts answer your computerization needs
Fancom enjoys an excellent reputation as a supplier of total computerized systems to the agricultural sector. The emphasis at Fancom has never before been so intensely concentrated on concept-based thinking as in this age. We strive to offer our customers a total system as the answer to all their requirements for computerization and automated systems. Proven systems with clear benefits which offer an interesting return on investment.


MTT improves animal performance

Minimum Transitional Tunnel is Fancomís ventilation concept that ensures an even climate in poultry houses. Extreme weather conditions will have no influence on the house climate. The principle is based on a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation in 3 phases.
The technical results will demonstrate the benefits:

  • Up to 10% faster growth;
  • Improved feed conversion;
  • Reduced mortality;
  • Hoge High animal uniformity.

Accurate ventilation improves animal performance.

Transitional ventilation a calming effect in the house.

Tunnel ventilation ensures sufficient cooling.

Air enters the house via air inlets at the sides of the building, and is extracted by fans in the ridge or gables. The airflow can be controlled well and is spread evenly throughout the house even with low air speeds.

With an increasing ventilation demand, the MTT concept switches over to the transitional phase, the gradual change to tunnel ventilation
The gentle transition avoids:
 - Disturbances in the airflow pattern;
 - Noises;
 - Changes to the light intensity
In the last phase, the air inlet closes and the complete tunnel ventilation starts running. A typical feature of tunnel ventilation is the cooling effect of the wind speed.