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Hog Production - Ventilation

Properly sized, spaced and controlled ventilation is a necessity for health and profits. 

Better Air

Better Air supplies complete negative air pressure ventilation systems for the swine industry; a proven, effective air flow system to supply fresh air and remove contaminants and excess moisture for a healthier building and herd.

Recirculation Air Blenders - Continuous Ducting - Round Tube Ducting - Tube Transitions - Recirculation Fans - Wall Mount Fans - Suction Fan Shutters - Winter Covers - Wall Hoods - Wind Cones - Chimney Ventilation - Top Discharge Cones - Roof Sealers - Round Tube Exhaust - Chimney Fans - Square Chimneys - Pit Fans - Backdraft Dampers - Portable Cooling Fans - Pit Plugs - Saddle Tees - Ceiling Inlets - Foamed Inlets - Low Profile Roof Vents - Fresh Air Inlets - Preheat Hall Inlets - Continuous Baffle Inlet - Duct Inlets - Single or Double Ceiling Inlets with counterweights or cable control


Heartland Agri-Vent

Heartland uses foamed polyethylene, which is sturdy, long-lasting and minimizes condensation, to produce ceiling and chimney fans with Ziehl motors, wall fans with Baldor or Ziehl motors, ceiling inlets and extension tubes.



Prairie Pride Enterprises

Prairie Pride produces poly fan ventilation equipment; one piece, polyethylene construction for minimal maintenance and corrosion control, UV resistant and sealed dual voltage motors, poly fans set the standard for wall mounted ventilation. Complimenting the poly fans, Prairie Pride offers poly inlets (ceiling and wall) for reduced freeze up and condensation, with stainless steel hardware for a long life in corrosive environments.