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Hog Production -  Scales and Crates 

The Pro-Sort Management technology was developed in conjunction with the Pro-Sorter Scale System by Gro-Master.  The scale is available in two- or three-way sorting, with additional two-paint system, one-way gates and z-panels as options.

Pro-Sort Auto-Sort Management System by Phason is advanced technology that provides reliable and accurate weighing and sorting of hogs.  It is designed to be user-friendly and provide informative, useful reports to allow producers to enhance profits and maximize scale use.  The wireless communication package allows producers the option of managing scale settings and accessing reports without having to enter the barn and/or pen of pigs, thereby increasing safety and biosecurity. 

The MaxPro II software provides:

  • Information at a glance - minimum/maximum/average/median weight, average daily weight gain, hits per animal, weight group, sort direction and weight distribution summaries

  • Customizable charts and tables

  • Market forecaster to estimate when and how many animals will be ready to ship

  • Auto-sort mode and smart staging mode to optimize food court usage

The Phason Information Control Point (iCP) can connect up to 32 scale heads that can each provide weighing for up to seven customizable weight groups.  The Pro-Sort Scale Head (PS-1) also features a training mode to allow the animals to get accustomed to the sorter, a manual control mode for testing and two- or three-way sorting with a daily statistics display.