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Hog Production - Heating / Cooling

L. B. White

L. B. White provides ventless, forced air, propane or gas heaters from 40,000 to 350,000 BTUs - fixed or variable - with pilot light or hot surface ignition.  All L.B. White heaters are AGA and CGA certified.

Reflect-O-Ray Vacuum Radiant Heating - Combustion Research Corporation

Infrared (radiant) heating, as opposed to warm air systems (such as a forced air unit heaters), delivers the source of heat to the floor level, not the ceiling.  Hot gases are moved through the radiant tube either by vacuum (negative) or power (positive) pressure. The radiant energy produced is then directed downward by the reflectors positioned above the radiant tubes.  Burner inputs are available from 40,000 to 250,000 BTU/hour.



Brant Radiant Heaters Ltd.

Radiant heat is an excellent choice when considering energy conservation for your barn, as radiant heat warms the animal, not the air.  Brant offers a full range of gas and electric heaters to meet your needs for modular and zone requirements.  Gas radiant heaters (Re-Verber-Ray) heat from 50 to 150 MBTU in lengths from 30' to 50' (21 to 52 ft2) and offer the advantages of two-stage burners for maximum comfort and efficiency.  Electric radiant heaters (Quartz-Ray - Infra-red) have a 500 to 4000 watt rating.


Stanfield Heat Ltd.

Stanfield manufactures electric, low profile heat pads with 200 watts of heat output and molded side mount cord assembly.

"Hog Hearth" - Alternative Heating Systems Electric Radiant Farrowing Pads

Hog Hearth heat pads offer temperatures from ambient to 105o F, and 130 watts per mat which serves two crates.  The pads have top or bottom mount cords and built-in heat sensors for more uniform heat control.


Better Air  

Better Air supplies a CSA-approved, stainless steel heat lamp focused for small animals  that comes with stainless steel "bulb saver."



Hot Water Fin Heating

The use of hot water fin tubing to heat incoming air is another option to consider in the design of a hog barn.  Air entering the barn is heated by passing over the heated tube near the inlet openings.

High Pressure Cooling

To provide the greatest possible temperature reduction, a high pressure cooling misting system atomizes water at pressures of 1000 to 1500 PSI, which causes the water droplets to flash evaporate.  We can provide a custom-designed, fully-installed high pressure cooling system for your operation that will maintain desired humidity and help control temperature, dust and odour.