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Hog Production - Flooring and Penning


The Polygrate line consists of a solid, high flow finger design for locked-in traction. It is constructed from fiberglass/plastic polymers for cast iron strength, and the solid plastic materials cannot harbour disease pathogens after cleaning. Farrowing floors, nursery floors up to 70 pounds and a complete line of accessories for easy installation are all available.


ADA Enterprises, Inc.

Dura-Trac Clear Span raised farrowing and nursery floors are made with coated welded rod construction for rust and corrosion resistance.  The raised centre reduces stress, crushing, injuries and abrasions to your pigs.

BBCL Precast Hog Products

BBCL is characterized by innovative long span double beam for a lower construction cost. The T-style design provides more slots for a cleaner operation.  BBCL products include gestation slats, gestation pads, single and gang slats, wall liners, long section penning, short section penning - slotted or solid, double / single hog feeders.

BBCL creates precast hog products, including long or short section penning with stainless steel fastening. Penning comes 1' to 9.5' in length, 36" to 42" high, slotted or solid, and as short sectional penning.


Barkman Concrete

With over 50 years experience, Barkman utilizes superior grade products and the latest technology for all your flooring and penning requirements. Products include: hog slats, gestation pads, beams, pen wall sections, sump pits and feeders.

Solid or slotted, and with a virtually indestructible modular design, Barkman penning allows for easy assembly in new barns and is a design breeze for renovated barns.  Walls come 36" to 42" high with spans of 2' to 10' in length and cast-in-place stainless steel connectors.


Glenway Laminating

Glenway produces the Agri Panel system, as well as custom-sized doors and hardware, liner panels and mouldings.


PVC Penning Solutions

PVC planking comes in several thicknesses, heights and widths to suit each producer’s penning needs.  By combining PVC planking with customized stainless steel posts, brackets and hardware, each pen can be designed to provide optimal accommodation and usage in each room.  PVC planking comes in 7/8”, 1 ½” and 2” thicknesses; 6 ½”, 8”, 32” or 38” heights; and 20’, 24’ or 27’ lengths.