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Hogs - Feeding and Watering Systems


Since 1961, Chore-Time has been dispensing feed through their flex auger delivery systems.  Chore-Time also offers drop feeders, feed bins and air systems with automatic enclosed feed delivery systems.



Meridian Industries Ltd.

The all-welded construction with a 60 degree slope for easy flow comes in 218 to 950 cu. ft. stock sizes, with epoxy interiors for easy flow and finished with new powder coatings on the exterior.  Custom bin sizes are available upon request.    


Prairie Pride

Poly Bins feature visible feed levels and corrosion resistance for a long life. Large Poly Bins have a 60 degree cone & ultra smooth  interior finish for easy, even feed flow, and a 35 degree roof for maximizing fill height. All bins come with a heavy duty steel ring and support stand and a 22" fill opening.

Big Dutchman

From the PigNic feeder for nursery and finishers to the competitively priced Econo Drop, Big Dutchman has a wide range of hog feeders fed from the chain-disk feed carrying system.

Big Dutchman PigNic feeder is an automatic feeder with water for up to 40 animals.  The feed metering mechanism can be rotated 360o and can be easily operated by the animals.  The feeder consists of an 80 L transparent feed hopper, a tiltable lid, easily adjustable feed level and deep stainless steel trough that is arranged off the floor to facilitate easier cleaning.  In the nursery feeder, the feed is kept separate from the water, while in the finisher feeder the pigs are able to moisten the feed.  The feeder is able to stand alone or be installed in penning walls.

Koca Equipment Ltd.

We carry Koca's advanced stainless steel water cups, snap feeders and wet/dry tube feeders.



Cablevey's accu-drop feed systems (pictured right) allow for individual feed level control with up to 100 drops per line, 1 to 6 lbs per drop. The volcylmetric sow feed drop (pictured far right) is available in 8 or 11 lb capacities and measures in 1/2 lb increments. This allows for accurate and multiple feedings for sows during different stages of lactation.

Cablevey systems can run up to 800' loop lengths and can be configured with up to twelve corners (600').



The Swing Feeder R-2 Maxi and Midi have a circular base, 15 precise feed quantity settings and a wet/dry feeding mechanism that uses the pigs’ natural rooting instinct to stimulate feed intake.

The Clutch Dispenser holds 6 or 10 L of feed, has a transparent body and allows for individual dispensing of feed to adapt to the pigs’ development and needs.

The Rotecna VR-H water valve (seen below) uses a vacuum to maintain the water level in drinkers and troughs to maximize water availability.

Lou Master Drinkers

Lou Drinkers are a new alternative drinker option that we are carrying for nursery and finisher systems.  The Master Drinker provides water in a stainless steel unit controlled by the Rotecna vacuum-type valve and has a centre 1 ˝” drinker which is operated from the top of the unit.  The 16” Master Drinker is suitable for pigs wean to 70 lb and the 24” Master Drinker Combo (pictured right) can be used for pigs 12 lb to finish.  The 24” Combo comes with an easily removable cover that, when placed on the drinker, eliminates the need for a smaller drinker by supplying water for 12 to 40 lb pigs, while removing the cover allows pigs from 40 lb to finisher size to drink comfortably.

Crystal Springs Hog Equipment Ltd.

The wet/dry feeder is designed by experienced producers for producers. The all-stainless steel construction stands up to corrosive conditions.  Feeders come single or double-sided in a range of sizes and spacings.