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Your animals perform better in a good climate
Your results depend on the climate in your animal buildings. The right climate is beneficial to the growth and health of your animals and saves you costs for feed, water and energy. Precisely why Fancom develops and produces climate controllers, air inlet systems, fans and chimneys. A complete package to create the ideal climate in each situation

Proven concepts answer your computerization needs
Fancom enjoys an excellent reputation as a supplier of total computerized systems to the agricultural sector. The emphasis at Fancom has never before been so intensely concentrated on concept-based thinking as in this age. We strive to offer our customers a total system as the answer to all their requirements for computerization and automated systems. Proven systems with clear benefits which offer an interesting return on investment.




The Ease of an automatic climate process
EasyFlow™ is Fancom's basic ventilation system especially designed for simple climate installations in pig houses. A properly controlled house climate improves your results. The user enters the required settings just once and EasyFlow™ automatically regulates the ventilation and heating so the house climate stays within the set limits. EasyFlow™ automatically takes high or low outside temperatures into account. The health of your animals is never jeopardized as a built in signal system warns if the limits are in danger of being exceeded.


How does EasyFlow™ work?
EasyFlow™ controls the fan based on RPM feedback that constantly measures the fan's running speed. The climate controller ensures that the actual fan RPM equals the required RPM. This considerably improves the accuracy of the house climate. Wind and weather conditions have less infl uence on the ventilation system, as the RPM is corrected. Taking the ventilation position into account, EasyFlow™ accurately controls the air inlet into the right position. A cooling or heating system - either with on/off heating or a mixing valve - will also be carefully regulated.




"Uniformity under control" in larger pig sections

The  new Fancom PowerFlow™ ventilation concept is specially for larger pig sections. Thanks to a sophisticated combination of air inlet controls, air exhaust, heating and if required humidity or cooling, creating top conditions for your animals is easy.  The climate very gradually changes from minimum to maximum, without any temperature fluctuations that could upset animal growth. The result is an even, stable climate with identical growth conditions for all the animals in the house.

How does PowerFlow work?

With minimum ventilation PowerFlow ensures accurate supplies of fresh air to extract moisture, CO2, NH3 and dust and introduce oxygen rich air. If the demand for ventilation increases, PowerFlow gradually activates fans to remove the heat produced by the animals. This gradual transition does not disturb the air flow. If extra cooling is required, a tunnel inlet can be activated to create a tunnel effect at maximum ventilation.  A continuously controllable pad cooling system also compliments the PowerFlow concept perfectly.  PowerFlow regulates the ventilation based on the animals’ weight and automatically adjusts ventilation to suit their needs.

Accurate minimum ventilation improves animal performance

Natural ventilation saves energy


Tunnel ventilation creates a cooling breeze in the house

I-fan energysaving fan

Fancom introduces a new fan with unique features.  The I-fan is available in diameters ranging from 35 to 92 cm, as a wall mounted fan, modular fan and build in fan.

The efficient motors produce less heat, so therefore lose less energy.

Measured at 30Pa.


Internal electronics regulate the RPM of the fan, so an external triac or frequency controller is no longer required. The motor continually checks the RPM and corrects it automatically. The result is an extremely constant air flow without any negative wind influences.


An unique failsafe, intelligent motor protection and external manual control ensure that your animals have enough fresh air under all circumstances. IP66 classification safeguards a long and malfunction free operating life.

ENERGY EFFICIENT: save money on your ventilation