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Big Dutchman CALLMATIC 2

In response to consumer views that group housing of sows is more humane than gestation stalls, Maple Leaf Foods, the largest pork producer in Canada, and Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the United States, have announced that gestation stalls will be phased out of their hog operations within the next 10 years in favour of group housing for sows.  These announcements follow a growing trend among pork producers in North America and Europe to group sows in pens to provide them with more activity and socialization. 


In order to meet the unique needs of gestating sows in a group environment, Envirotech is pleased to carry the Big Dutchman CALLMATIC 2, a “computer-controlled feeding-on-demand system for sows under group management.”  The Callmatic 2 is a modular, easily adaptable system for new or existing operations.  It is operated by the MC 99 NT feeding computer, which can store data for up to 1800 sows, 5 feed curves and 24 feeding stations.  Each sow is marked with a transponder ear tag that sets off a signal when she passes through a gate into the feeding area.  The computer meters out feed as determined by the needs of the individual sow.  The feeding station requires little space, with solid side partitions to keep sows separate while feeding, and pneumatic door opening.  The feed trough is stainless steel and easy to clean.  The system can be used with dry- or liquid-feeding systems, with the option of including an extra tank for feed additives.